It is my absolute responsibility to make wedding photography smooth and wonderful - to be a part of what makes the day amazing. To treat you, your family and all of the guests as if it were my own be happy, focussed and driven, all day.

My aim is to deliver high quality shots that document the candid, wonderful, funny, emotional, and naturally the key formal moments of your wedding. I will make your wedding shoot a little better, different and progressive than my last one - rand be eady to respond to you on your terms, to blend in and to above all, love the work.

I will be there, on your day, for as long as you need me. You will own all the images outright - delivered to you on thumb-drive. No games, no demands, nothing half given, or controlled - no "mock cake cutting", or limitations just because I say so. Just great fun on your day and stunning images to print and keep for the rest of your life together.

Prints, albums, frames, books - I will do them all based on what you ask for, not a "package" I demand you sign up for! Yep, I will actually listen to what you want.

I am based in Albury/Wodonga and travel anywhere in the world to shoot weddings and events. Please enjoy the photos on my site... and I look forward to hearing from you and hopefully planning and covering your dream wedding.



Your Wedding – Info and Booking

The most important aspect of planing your wedding is finding the right people to make your day the best it can be. The first apect to consider as far as photography goes is wether or not your photographer is the right person for you. Are they going to be able to make your day better, smoother, more relaxed and fun. If you think that is me then we have some catching up to do :) - lets meet up, call, email, talk and plan it out. It is just as important for me to have that connection with you.... to be your friend first, and to deliver some incredible moments and images to mark your perfect wedding.

Here's how we go about getting some good information in your hands so we can plan, discuss and finally set up your wedding photography booking.

There is a basic overview of reates on the pricing page of this website. Simply email me with your wedding date, and I will reply with availabilty and an info pack that contains everything you need to book in your wedding photography. Just follow the steps outlined below so we can kick off a conversation and map out a fantastic plan for you.

Scroll down a little further to see some recent sample wedding galleries, or head over to the blog section for a full mix of recent work :) - Enjoy!


1. Read the Wedding section on the pricing page of this website HERE

2. Go to "Booking In" and follow the steps to get your hands on an info pack :) >>


Step 1.

Send me a message using the form found at the bottom of this page. This is primarily to establish wether or not I am available for your wedding date. Please include your name, email, wedding date, and any info you feel relevant to discuss.

Step 2.

I will email you back with availability, We then chat/meet to cover the options and details.

Step 3.

Fill out the booking form contained in the PCW17 .pdf based on what we have discussed, sign it and send it back to me. It is easiest to print, fill out, sign and text back a photo of the form. I'll then reply with an invoice inclusive of deposit information.

Step 4.

Pay your deposit, I'll apply it to the account and we are 100% booked in!


Once we have the paperwork in order we can then sit down at our convenience and start to map out a plan for the day.

This planning will work best using the Wedding Runsheet document.

If you have any quesitons at all, please contact me any time.

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