Laura & Scott

Orange Grove was the setting for this simple but totally stunning wedding.

Laura & Scott scored a classic crisp sunny day, and exchanged vows surrounded by stunning gardens, food, drink and friends.

A fantastic outcome considering the sort of weather we had either side of their wedding date… I had all the wet weather gear on standby in the car. And spare shoes :)

Good times!

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Chelsea & Josh

This was an incredible wedding held out at Orange Grove on the Olympic Highway – a venue that is relatively new as far as weddings and events, but one that is quickly establishing itself as one of the venues you could count on one or two hands as the best in the region.

Chelsea & Josh had a wedding bash that was packed full of great food, family, friends and laughs – but punctuated with an event that celebrated their commitment and love for one another. Everyone gathered together to see them smile and laugh their way through a simple little ceremony in the shade… while a storm cloud rolled past along the bottom of the hill…. as they kissed the clouds broke into splendid sunshine and the sun stayed for the rest of the afternoon.

You could not have written it better…. :)




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Brydie & Olivia

Sometimes you have to stop and just see how beautiful life can be, in among the struggles, tests, pain, worry and changes.

This is one of those ‘count them on one hand’ moments that are mine… how awesome is photography as a medium where I can share it with you, Scarlet and them. I am so blessed.


Pete -

Two of my girls :)

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Caroline & Jason – Mt Buffalo

As shot on a vintage Leica M1 & Zeiss Biogon 35mm 2.0 – a camera made in 1958! This is one of the first frames I had the pleasure of making with it… hopefully the first of many many more.

What a gorgeous couple and setting. we had ice-creams from the servo, used nappies at a waterfall, bridges, streams, pine plantations, views, dancing, laughter, lots of laughter, walks, gangnam style, and a whole lotta love….  can’t wait to share more of their wedding photos soon! – PC

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