I got my hands on Dad's camera when I was eleven years of age and with the first roll of film, fell deeply and madly in love with photography.

The cold metal of the camera, the build quality, the smell of it, the film... the process, the experience, the excitement of the search for 'that image'. There was something special about the build quality of the cameras back then…made well, to last a lifetime...which resinated with the photos that came from them.

So, the next 21 years was all practice... just shooting for me. I worked on the art form, the techniques, the thinking. Back then it was something I occasionally lost track of with the commitments I was making in my life, but always came back to it with the same feelings of nervous excitement, love and inspiration - it was a great escape.

For the last 10 years it has been my full time profession... covering anything from 35 to 65 weddings a year, and thousands of commercial shoots... channeling that personal love for photography, to become a meduim for vicariously meeting the needs of my couples, my corporate clients and my students.

Photography brings me closer to the world to enrich the lives of others, and I am thrilled to do what I love for a living. - PC