Caroline & Jason – Mt Buffalo

As shot on a vintage Leica M1 & Zeiss Biogon 35mm 2.0 – a camera made in 1958! This is one of the first frames I had the pleasure of making with it… hopefully the first of many many more.

What a gorgeous couple and setting. we had ice-creams from the servo, used nappies at a waterfall, bridges, streams, pine plantations, views, dancing, laughter, lots of laughter, walks, gangnam style, and a whole lotta love….  can’t wait to share more of their wedding photos soon! – PC

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Jannika & Allen

A beautiful young couple all set for their big day.

We had such a stunning morning out with sprinkler rainbows, dirty nappies in the bushes, pink bats, Startrack trucks, grandma drivers, lollies, bamboo, feral lanes, props, and lots of awesome laughs. Can’t wait for their wedding!! :)





















Geln & Corts

Glen & Corts :) – my beautiful sister in law had a pretty sweet wedding car lined up, but why the hell not have a wedding TRAIN as a bonus? Over the years I have shot trucks, tractors, planes, and boats… but a train? That will take some beating.

Corts surprised Glen during our pre-wedding photo shoot when we visited a ‘derelict’ train station on the outskirts of Cooma in the high country… to see a train cresting the hill with both wedding ribbons and parents on board. A short train ride back to the main station at Cooma delivered us to an incredible ceremony, right on the main platform. What an incredible event! Topped off with a honeymoon on mountain bikes taking in Cuba.

Huge congrats to you both from the Charlesworth family – and thank you for sharing the special moments of your day with me – Pete.

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Alex & Tom!

I got to know Tom through a few years of playing baseball here at a local club. The guy is a machine with anything to do with sports… a national snooker champion, multiple championship baseball player, and is now turning out to be an incredibly good golfer.

Alex, an absolute sweetheart, is nuts about her man and her dogs… and is super excited to be planning what is set to be the most epic wedding and party.

The paint fight they had in these shots is a small taste of what is to come… so friends and family, be prepared!




DSC_6962 - Version 2












Frances & Andrew – Salt of the earth.

Frances and Andrew are a beautiful Aussie couple… he a hard working farmer (with lots of machinery), and she a well respected primary school teacher.

St Paul’s in Henty is where the rings were swapped and the deal done. A spot where all the guests stick to the trees (like flies on s**t) as the sun is somehow 300% more intense than anything outside a 100m radius of the church. A great metaphor for the families who make a crust in one of the harshest climates on the planet. Hard people with warm hearts.

Being welcomed with a firm hand or warm hug by people I have worked for or around over the years is one of the things I enjoy most – usually accompanied by a “Pete! How are ya mate?”. I think it happened 20 times on this great day – It makes me smile just to think of it – and to see the changes in the lives of those great people.

Frances and Andrew have a warm inviting nature and lovely innocence that only comes from a sound upbringing and respect for others. A generational respect….real class – not from ‘new money’ or tat is forced. This is a thread you can follow through their parents, immediate and extended families, colleagues and mates.

I can’t wait till the next chance I have to catch up with this great bunch of Aussies – hopefully again out on the stunning land that you’ll see in a few of these shots.


DSC_5488 DSC_5482DSC_5492DSC_5554


DSC_5689 - Version 2


PAC_4898 PAC_2827


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Kyle & Liv

Olivia & Kyle – What an incredibly beautiful couple. Can any of you pick where this was shot? Thinking of these guys almost every day now as they are due with bub (as far as my memory serves me)!! Oh, Olivia, you are going to score some fee pics when bub arrives, just cos I can :)