Ok, so Commercial and Event, or "Assignment Photography" covers a ton of bases - including, but not limited to:

Special event coverage
Portraits (people and animals)
Corporate/brand missions
Awards evenings & event coverage
Sports photography
Advertising collateral development
Product photography
Custom stock image libraries
High-end real estate property photography

I cover almost any genre of photography from personal assignments right through to anything that relates to business, business related events, trade, marketing material, PR, and development of marketing and business collateral.

I have a long list of regular clients that I work closely with to achieve great outcomes in this regard - including some globally recognised brands like Red Bull, Harley Davidson, Nestle, City Of Wodonga, City of Albury, Rivalea, Novotel, Porsche, Joss, Bang & Olufsen, Toyota, Westpac, Allied Health, Master Builders, Reuters and many many more....From F1 Drivers & Prime Ministers... right the way through to battlers just starting a small business.

They all get my best work.

I think the total assignment count (to date) is well in to the thousands.

Contact me to discuss your new project/event and we can nut out a plan - and for a quick look at pricing/rates, use the PRICING LINK.

I can't wait to work with you.

- PC