I truly love making images - especially images that tell a story or that reveal the true character of a person, a family, a situation, an event, a possession or a product that represents blood sweat and tears. A veteran of literally thousands of shoots - I am the guy you hire when you 'need that shot'. Usually those truly magical images come from digging deeper... from preparing better, staying longer, working harder, being patient, listening, watching, and shooting with empathy.

I have shared in some truly incredible moments...births, deaths, tears, pain, love, celebrations, launches, announcements and so much more.

It is up to me to be there for all of my clients no matter what - no matter how big, or how small small the job. Not only that, I see it as my absolute responsibility to tell your story, to represent your moments with truth and care. If you take some time to have a look at a few shoots here on the website, you will see that every shoot is different - an evolution for me technically, and a story told for my fantastic clients. When I say clients, by the time I have finished working for them they all feel like family to them and me. I love that as much as my photography.

For Weddings that means being there all day if that's what you need (very few photographers actually offer full day coverage). It means picking you up some Hollywood tape on the way over because you forgot it. It means whipping up a set of full Windsor knots for the boys ties because they need a hand. It means helping mum pin a flower onto dads jacket. I know I have nailed my job because your mum gives me a long warm hug and gives me a sneaky bag of lollies for my daughters as a special thank-you, and your dad slaps me on the back and says "Pete you have to stay for a beer mate".

For Commercial Clients it means nailing an accurate brief with you in the lead-up, quoting quickly and very fairly, and smashing out a set of images that reach beyond the brief.  I want my name in your calendar for the same event next year. It also means seeing opportunities arise for making the most of genuine candid moments, for seeing opportunities to create what your members, clients, staff and readership will engage with best.

Even though I primarily cover a stack of weddings and commercial work, I am also very busy and highly proficient with: Event Photography, Portraiture, Animal and Pet Photography, Product Photography, Real Estate & Architectural Photography, Sports Photography, Group Workshops & Personal Mentoring.

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Please dont hesitate to make contact. I can't wait to hear from you.